If you've been considering purchasing a home, you may have been keeping an eye on how mortgage rates have changed over the previous 12 months. They have indeed increased significantly, but where will they go from here, especially given how slowly the market is still growing? The finest source of information to consult while you consider your homeownership goals and assess whether it is time to move is with the experts

You might feel some relief from that. The cost of purchasing a home has increased as a result of the Federal Reserve's response to inflation, which has caused mortgage rates to increase by more than two percentage points so far this year. Some potential buyers are delaying their purchase because they are uncertain about whether the rate increase will persist. However, since that experts believe mortgage rates will stabilize, you have a little more assurance about what they believe the future will bring, which may make you feel more at ease about your choice to purchase a home.

You need to be aware of the state of the housing market so you can make the best choice possible whether you're looking to buy your first house, upgrade to a bigger home, or even downsize. Reach out to a trusted real estate professional to discuss your goals and determine the best plan for your move.

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