What's happening with housing prices is one of the most frequent queries at the moment. While news stories frequently mention price increases, some house sellers are simultaneously lowering their asking prices. That can be perplexing and makes it more challenging to understand.

The difficulty in understanding what experts are saying when their words seem similar is one aspect of the problem. To better explain what is happening right now, let's dissect the differences between those concepts.

Experts concur that the current state of the nation is one of slowdown. As a result, albeit not at the record-breaking rate they have over the past year, housing values are rising. According to CoreLogic data, home prices nationwide increased by an average of 15% in 2021. And that increase was above 20% earlier this year. Home price growth this year is expected to slow to an average rate of 10 to 11%, according to analysts.

This basically suggests that even while home prices are reducing, they are still much above average, and we would need to see much more deceleration to even get back to more typical rates of home price rise. That is still not a decrease in the value of homes.

The main conclusion is that housing prices are neither nationwide declining or appreciating; rather, they are just slowing down or moderating. Nationally, home values are anticipated to rise, despite the possibility of reductions in some distinctive and hot markets. Furthermore, none of the experts predict that home prices would decline or net depreciate across the nation. They all convey a constant sense of admiration.

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